Christmas Miracles

The Concept//

hope for every woman


About four years ago I began looking for a hobby. I was pretty excited for my hobby to be roasting my own coffee beans. I am a lover of coffee, and the idea of drinking fresh roasted coffee was super appealing to me. Searching for green coffee beans, and experimenting with beans from different regions of the world was fun, too. My hobby of roasting my own coffee beans became an instrument for miracles when I began to dream about using something I love to do, to help others.

There are women around the world that need hope, they need a miracle. What if their miracle could start right here with home roasted coffee?

So I ventured out on this entrepreneurial journey, to see if I could give hope to other women though this gift God has given me. The artisan market at the Women’s Christmas Celebration at our church,  was my first venture into selling my home roasted coffee, and it was a success!! It was super fun to be able to use what I love to support a cause I believe in.

My “Good Coffee” has given me the financial means to give to a good cause.

The Design//

miracles start here


Miracle - (as defined by Google dictionary)

  • a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

  • A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Where do miracles really begin?

Did the miracle of Jesus’ birth begin that momentous night when he was born in the stable? I don’t think so! I believe it began when Mary said yes to the unbelievable prophecy from an angelic visitor. “You have found favor with God! You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High,”  the angel Gabriel told her. When Mary uttered that one small sentence of acceptance, “I am the Lord’s servant”, she entered into a miracle that changed not only her world, but history for all mankind.

Last week I got to see a miracle before my eyes! Almost 200 women gathered together to celebrate Christmas, support their entrepreneurial friends by purchasing items from an artisan market, and hear about the struggles of many women living in the majority world.

What was a beautiful morning of fun and friendship turned into a miracle when the women opened their compassionate hearts and decided to do something to help change the life story of women on the other side of the world.

Of the women who responded to the need, the majority gave small financial gifts. When placed together those small gifts turned into a big miracle! Those many small gifts became enough to give 10 women the opportunity to enter a Convoy of Hope program that will train, finance and mentor each one of them to become self-supporting.

The women helped by this program are all mothers who will now be able to feed and support their children! The trajectory of their lives will be forever changed because of one small act of compassion from a stranger. What we could never do alone, we were able to accomplish because we came together in unity for a purpose beyond ourselves. (for more information visit

The Gold//

we all have something to give


We often think of a miracle as something that takes a big leap of faith. The bible says that miracles can happen with just tiny seed size faith to do something. Our tiny “yes” is then followed by God’s big response. We take a small step forward and he does the miracle. We just get to be the instrument through which he works. Pretty cool!!

My challenge to you for 2019 is to ask yourself these questions….

What do you have that can be the seed for a miracle? Has God hidden a dream inside your heart? Do you have a talent, skill, or gift that he could use to bring good to others?

Every one of us has something that we can give.

You might not even realize the potential of your “something” because it’s just a small seed. Take a small step and give God permission to use that tiny seed as the beginning of his miracle. Who knows what highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment could happen that could bring very welcome consequences! That would be a miracle, and it could start with you.

Xx Becky