The Concept//

the best news ever



Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be if there was a cure for cancer? If not one person ever had to die from that horrible disease ever again? Well, what if you held that cancer cure in your hands, you knew what the cure was, and you had enough of the cure to eradicate all cancer for all humanity? What if not one person had to ever suffer again because of it? I’m pretty sure all of us would boldly tell everyone we came in contact with about this amazing discovery! There is no way we could keep it to ourselves for fear that someone who needs the cure wouldn’t get it! 

I'm here to tell you some extremely GOOD and I do hold a cure in our hands and it's the cure for the emptiness epidemic in human hearts. It’s the cure for wiping out sin and death. It’s the cure for a life full of hopeless wandering.

Jesus is the cure! And, He’s the best news ever!!


The Design//

shaped in love 



How can we possibly not share the good news about Jesus with boldness?! We know we have an enemy that is constantly working against us, trying to narrate a story of fear and shame in our lives. Especially when it comes to the best story ever told, but God comes in (through) the power of the Holy Spirit and transforms our fear to faith. 

Boldness is born out of facing our fears, we don't wait until we feel courageous, we step out despite our fear and it's in that place we find freedom from our fear. Not the other way around. Don't wait until you feel bold, stare down fear with a step of faith. These are the steps shape us. 

According to Tess, from, “bold people think differently, speak differently, and do things differently”. 

We need God to fill us with boldness to think differently about the good news we contain. 

We can have confidence that the message we hold is good news, and is for all people, even though our culture often doesn’t (always) agree. We know the way to eternal life. We know that God wants to have a personal relationship with each person on earth. We need the Holy Spirit to change our way of thinking.

“So then, with this amazing hope living inside us, we step out in freedom and boldness to speak the truth.” (2 Corinthians 3:12-Passion Translation).

We don’t just need to change our thinking.  We need to boldly speak the truth, the good news, in love.  The love part is born out of our surrender. It is when we lead from our knees, and in the place where our hearts are being humbly poured out, where that kind of loved is formed.

This kind of love causes us to see the person first. 

Only God can give us the love that shapes the way we speak.


The Gold//

nothing compares to Jesus



We contain an amazing hope!!! We need God to fill us with boldness to as we step out speaking truth. Freedom and boldness cause us to do things differently. If we encounter someone who is sick, we speak up and ask, “may I pray for you right now?” We don’t worry about what people will think.

We don’t wait until we get home to pray. 

We choose obedience. 

We do the things that the Holy Spirit shows us in the moment.

Because He gave His life for it, the Good News, so we will also. 

Nothing compares to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Not. One.Thing. 




Becky Olmstead